Todd Walsh 
Previous Life: Navy Diver and Commercial Diver
Favorite Beer: Duchesse De Bourgogne Flanders Red Ale 
Favorite VA Brewery: Breweries not owned by InBev (not that those that sold don't make good beer).
Life Motto: My motto used to be "make your dreams a reality," then I got married, had kids and started a business so now it is "hold fast!"
Why He Started Decent People: If I'm going to work crazy hours, I might as well be the one telling me to do it.
Wes Mccullough 
Previous Life: Worked as a commercial diver and went to school at ODU
Favorite Beer: Firestone Walker Nitro Merlin Milk Stout 
Favorite VA Brewery: Virginia Beer Company
Life Motto: Go with the flow, unless it's going the wrong way- then don't be afraid to go against it.
Why He Started Decent People: I don't like being told what to do by people who are not interested in my well being, and I wanted to provide a positive work environment for other people.
Eric Langhorst 
Previous Life: Network Engineer for a large company.  White and nerdy.
Favorite Beer: Racer 5 IPA 
Favorite VA Brewery: Back Bay's Farmhouse
Life Motto: If you want something work towards it, no matter how big or small the goal.
Why He Started Decent People: It was easier to get 40 taps installed at a business than at my home.

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