Decent People (est. 2016) is a veteran owned tap room in the Harbour View area of Suffolk, VA.  Like so many businesses, it started as a casual conversation over a beer.  From then, it has turned into becoming an entity, finding business partners and mentors, putting our savings into, taking on debt, and putting in a lot of man hours, but it has truly been a labor of love.

Whether on the job, having fun, or just hanging out with a beer – we realized being a decent person doesn’t take a lot of work but goes a long way. We want that to extend to our customers and employees as well, which is why we like to remind ourselves and others to “Be Decent.”

We plan to offer a variety of local craft brews, ciders, and wines using  an innovative self-serve system where patrons can pay by the ounce.   This offers variety, choice, and the freedom to explore without having to commit to a particular beer or have to wait to be served one.  At Harbour View, we feel we have the perfect opportunity to provide more craft brew options to an underserved and growing community.  No more driving 30 minutes to that brewery to get that special pour – we’ll bring them to you! 44 taps worth to be exact.

So come, have a drink, enjoy our fresh farm-to-table menu and relax among those who care.  We hope to bring a craft brew concept that is fun and approachable to the area, just like us.  Cheers!


Our Decent People

 Peter Fisher – After Graduating from Johnson & Wales University for Culinary Arts, Peter dove head first into the food and beer scene. Having worked in fine dining for close to 8 years and in kitchens for close to 12 years, Peter has grown a passion for serving the freshest ingredients and also working hand in hand with local farmers as much as possible. Peter’s passion for beer began by doing home brewing with his dad, which has now turned into a passion for true craft beer and sharing it with others – especially when paired with one of his dishes. Peter came across a post about Decent People and sent his resume in right away. He knew that this kind of idea is something that he not only thinks is great, but was also thrilled about being part of something from the ground up that could bring great food, beer, and atmosphere to the area.


Eric Langhorst – Whether food or beer, Eric has always been keen on trying new things and supporting local businesses.  Interested in the self-serve beer concept, Eric brought Wes to a tap room in San Diego the night before his wedding where you could pour your own beer by the ounce.  They saw a great concept – pour what you want, how you want, and at your leisure.  Fast forward a few years and Wes and Todd are looking for a another person for their craft beer related venture.  Eric was nearby in North Carolina and looking for a change after working in the IT field for 10+ years.  With a knack for technology, a love of craft beer, and the desire to be part of the local community, it seemed like a good fit and Eric hopped on board.


 Wesley McCullough – Wes’s career and love for beer began in the Navy in 2002, where he served full time as a Navy diver before joining the reserves in 2007. After a few years of school, military deployments and random part time gigs in bars, he returned to diving in the commercial world. Working together in both the Navy Reserves and as commercial divers, Wes and Todd’s love of craft beer turned them to home brewing in 2014. Realizing the desire to be involved in the craft beer movement and to create a life outside of commercial diving, Wes and Todd began to plan Decent People.  After Eric introduced him to self-serve draft technology while in San Diego, Wes realized the need for something similar in Hampton Roads and a partnership was formed.


 Andrea Trdina – Andrea is a military spouse and restaurant veteran with a passion for craft brews, food, and wine. With almost 2 decades in the business, she was attracted to Decent People by the project’s unique concept. When she first read about the project, Andrea immediately reached out to Wes, Eric, and Todd to welcome them to the area; one thing led to another and she soon found herself writing this biography for the website. Andrea is dedicated to cultivating an
atmosphere at Decent People that combines quality service, locally sourced
food, a relaxed work environment, and (of course) awesome libations that will be the perfect addition to the burgeoning Harborview area of Suffolk.


 Todd Walsh – Todd’s journey in craft beer began while at Auburn University, when his roommate decided to build a bottle cap table but wanted better bottle caps than the regular light beers. As a Navy Diver, he continued his exploration of beer around the world, later joining the reserves. Going to the first local brewery in Virginia Beach (Beach Reaver)in 2010, Todd was inspired by the whole idea of serving local craft beer in the area. Wes and Todd began working together as reservists and commercial divers, brewing beer together in their spare time. Wes went to Eric’s wedding in San Diego and came back with word about a place where there was craft beer was on every tap as far as the bar would go, and you could serve yourself to all of it on a per ounce basis. Nothing made more sense than to find a way to bring it here.